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Perhaps the greatest misconception with indoor tanning is that all tanning beds are the same. That there is no difference between the tanning beds from one salon to the next. It is true, that traditionally, most salons offer the choice between many twenty minute base beds and a couple twelve minute high performance beds. Here at B'Tan we approached things differently. We evaluated every tanning bed on the market and selected the best available. We choose the Sunbeds with the greatest speed, size, and power we could find. The differences are plain to see. Just consider the distance between the bulbs in our Sunbeds, which is no more than a quarter of an inch, to those at other salons, which usually have an inch or more between bulbs in their beds. Also, all of our Sunbeds are 90" long to allow even the tallest clients room to relax. Additionally, we operate every Sunbed at true 220v power as they were designed.

When you have a chance to stop by, we would love the opportunity to show you what we have to offer. Our Silver Sunbeds are great for those looking for more from tanning than a base bed can deliver. They are 25% faster, give 66% more space, and deliver over 50% more power than the traditional base beds. Our Gold Sunbeds are great for those getting ready for a trip or important event; they beat those high-performance beds just like our Silvers do. Our Platinum Sunbeds are really in a class of their own. Few salons offer any bed with a seven minute session; and among those few that do, their beds trade too much in size and power for that speed. Our Platinum Sunbeds are among the fastest, largest and most powerful you'll find. Please check us out, you won't be disappointed.

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Platinum Sunbed
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Gold Standup
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