Advice on Tanning

We are here to help you get the rich, golden tan you desire. Below are answers to the most common questions tanners have and some advice to help you.

Maximize Results

We strongly recommend the use of an indoor tanning lotion to maximize the results of your tanning experience. Using the right lotion for you is the secret to developing that natural tan fast. Indoor tanning lotions have been specifically crafted to use while tanning in sunbeds. Most lotions fall into one of two categories, either Accelerators or Bronzers. Accelerators keep your skin hydrated and healthy with Tyrosine and other various nutrients that will help your tan last longer. Bronzers have an additional coloring ingredient, like DHA (dihydroxyacetone) or Erythrulose, that will boost your skin's color on it's own. They do this by reacting with certain amino acids in the skin and fade gradually as your skin exfoliates. Generally we carry both an Accelerator and corresponding Bronzer. Both types of lotions generally contain more ingredients - in variety, exoticness, and strength - as the price range increases. We maintain a reasonably priced selection from the basic to the latest and greatest out there.

We also carry a variety of special lotions - tingle, silicone, hemp, or facial - if you're looking for something different. Tingle lotions are great for hardcore tanners, they simulate the feeling of a sunburn. The body reacts by cooling the skin with increased blood flow. This brings along more oxygen to be used in the tanning process. You get great results, but most people find the tingle lotions to be rather uncomfortable. We recommend trying a single use packet to start out. Silicone lotions go on slowly, help soften and smooth the skin while also providing a breathable barrier to retain moisture in the skin. Lotions with hemp oil are excellent for those with drier skin. They provide additional help keeping your skin hydrated over other lotions. The skin on your face is more sensitive. Facial lotions are specially formulated to be gentle on your face. They also typically have a small amount of sun protection in them.

When you come in you'll see we have a wide range of lotions to choose from. Looking for something basic? Need something for sensitive skin? Want the latest and greatest lotion on the market? Let us help you select the right lotion for you. We also carry a variety of tanning accessories such as tattoo sticks or protective towels to cover all your tanning needs.

Before you Start Tanning

Have a Question?

Even if you've been tanning for years, there are advancements and changes happening in the sun tanning industry every day. If you have a question, please never hesitate to ask. We are here to help.

Looking for something Special?

We are always running some kind of promotion that can help you save money on tanning.

Is there a contract?

No and we have no enrollment, membership or cancellation fees.

How often can I tan?

You can tan everyday if you want, but we recommend tanning every other day when you are building your tan. Once you have your base you can go less often to maintain that color.

How long does it take to get tan?

It's hard to give a precise answer to this question because there are so many variables involved. However, most clients can expect to see positive results in a week or two following a typical schedule. Also, we recommend you use our lotions to maximize your tanning results.

Can anybody tan?

Certain skin types cannot tan, but anybody can get a beautiful golden color with our VersaSpa Sunless Tanning System.

Taking Medication? Pregnant?

Please consult with your doctor before tanning if you are taking any medications or are pregnant. Certain medications may increase the effect of UV exposure. If your skin already shows a reaction due to sun exposure, please refrain from using the tanning bed. If you cannot tan normally or because of medication or pregnancy, the VersaSpa will give you a great UV-free tan.

Clean Beds?

We use a FDA approved cleaning and disinfecting solution after every tanning session.

Fresh Bulbs?

We replace our bulbs according to the manufacture's recommendations.


Removing the outer layer of dead skin helps reveal the fresh skin underneath to maximize the results of tanning. We recommend gently exfoliating at least once a week and more frequently as needed on any dry rough areas.

During your Visit

Will Lotion Help?

Lotions will definitely help achieve your tanning goals quicker. Our lotions have been designed for use in indoor tanning to maximize your results from every session. Lotions provide your skin with hydration and nutrients used in the tanning process: Think of them like taking a Vitamin for your skin. If you would like any help selecting the lotion for you; please don't hesitate to ask.

What about my eyes?

Please protect your eyes: You only get the pair. Tanning bulbs, especially our facials, are very powerful and your eyelids are too thin to stop all the UV light. We have a variety of approved eyewear for sale. It's one law that makes sense.

Avoiding SPF Products?

Many cosmetics, deodorant, and daily moisturizers on the market have sun protection ingredients in them that will hinder tanning. Avoid wearing such products when tanning.

Tan Lines on Not?

It's perfectly acceptable to wear a swimsuit to develop tanlines if you want, or not, it's up to you. Just remember, most us have areas of the body that don't see the light of day often and will be under-exposed, and/or are naturally sensitive areas of the body; that's why we recommend building up your time in the sunbeds gradually to help build a nice even tan. Also, remember to remove any jewelry and watches to prevent unwanted lines.

Do I need to Flip?

For most, flipping is unnecessary. However, a session now and then in our Gold Standup is an excellent way to prevent or eliminate any pressure spots or under-exposed patchiness some may develop.

How to maintain my Tan?

The best way to maintain a lasting tan is to keep your skin hydrated and healthy by using a daily moisturizer.

Tanning Resources around the Web

Looking for the latest news in the tanning industry? We understand everyone's concern with wellness and health, but for anyone making a decision regarding tanning, careful consideration of both the benefits and risks associated with ultraviolet light exposure and sun tanning is needed. Here are a few resources to get you started.